15 of January – time to pay your provisional tax.

You may have been procrastinating, or you may still be waiting for your accountant. You may not even know whether you have to pay or not. Or you may have forgotten about it completely.

Whatever the reason…. let’s kick off the new year organised and be on top of your cashflow. TaxBuddy can help.

Work it out with TaxBuddy. Or let TaxBuddy do the work.
TaxBuddy will tell you how much to pay exactly, based on your current figures in Xero. So you’re not over or underpaying. TaxBuddy talks to Xero, so all you need to do is connect the two.

Two options for using TaxBuddy:

    Use the TaxBuddy app to work out what you have to pay. TaxBuddy pulls together data from your Xero account and does the work for you.
    If numbers really isn’t your thing, let the real people from TaxBuddy do it for you with the ‘Get It Done-Plan‘. Based on the figures you provide we work out your tax payment and dates. You will be emailed a monthly report, starting with the one for 15 January.

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15th of Jan is coming close – take action
Contact Us anytime for any questions you may have. We are very happy to help you get sorted by the 15th of Jan.

Get sorted by the 15th of January