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Tax Buddy was founded by Yogeeta Devi in 2016 while running her Accounting Practice. After working in several accounting firms, she realised there must be a better way of calculating provisional tax.

While working in an Accounting practice I couldn’t accept the frustrations of manually calculating provisional tax, it was a challenge to get all the provisional tax calculations done for the all the clients around the time it was due. I didn’t know how other accountants did it and once I started talking to them I realised I wasn’t the only one with this challenge. There were quite a few accountants going through the same challenge.”

With the new modern age technology and cloud based software like Xero, Yogeeta realised there must be a better way of doing this.  After researching and not finding the product to meet her requirements, she started developing Tax Buddy with the help of other accountants as her focus group. The goal was to help accountants estimate provisional tax faster, and in an efficient manner and using the current data.   The role of accountants is changing and the expectations of them are to be more proactive and offer business advisory than been just a number cruncher. We are moving towards a technology era and accountants now need to think smarter with how they can do things, instead of doing calculations manually and the hard way.

Tax Buddy is a simple tool designed to help accountants calculate provisional tax using current data. It is a cloud based software that pulls in all needed information and calculates a tax estimate. It tells you when that tax is due and creates a PDF payment reminder to email to clients.

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