Provisional Tax – Get it Done

Spend less on your accountant and more on coffee

Accountancy quality. Every month, for a small fee.

Although involving an accountant is essential when running a business, accountancy fees quickly stack up.

TaxBuddy Get It Done simplifies anything to do with income tax and provisional tax. For a small monthly fee you’ll know exactly how much to put aside each month and we even tell you how much provisional tax to pay and when.

TaxBuddy’s Get It Done Plan helps you:

  • Know exactly how much tax to put aside each month
    Every month you’ll receive a notification telling you how much money to put aside for income tax. This figure is based on real time figures in Xero and all monthly amounts accumulate to a total amount that reflects your end of year tax bill.

  • Include your expected income and expenses
    Tell us the income and expenses you expect for the month coming up (you’ll get a reminder email), so your calculation is even more precise.

  • Know whether you have to pay provisional tax – and how much
    If you had to pay more than $2,500 income tax at the end of the year, you need to start paying provisional tax. TaxBuddy tells you when this is the case and calculates the installments. Read more about provisional tax.

  • We’ll keep an eye on important deadline
    TaxBuddy warns you when deadlines are coming up tells you exactly how what to pay and when, reducing the risk for penalties to a minimum.

  • For both Xero and non-Xero users
    TaxBuddy integrates with Xero, which means TaxBuddy pulls figures directly from your accounting software. If you don’t use Xero, all you need to do is copy some figures in to TaxBuddy. From then on, you get to enjoy the same benefits.

  • Save on accountancy fees
    TaxBuddy simplifies several the income tax calculations which usually require an accountant. No more waiting for your accountant to get back to you and less fees.

How it works

  • Email us on with your full name to let us know you’d like to ‘Get it done’.
  • We will contact you for the next step

Business Owner Plan

We tell you each month how much tax to put based on your figures. More info here.*

$15.00 / month + gst

Per organisation