The Accounting Income Method (AIM) – is it really simpler?

The recently introduced way of paying tax is up and running; the Accounting Income Method (AIM). Its goal is to simplify provisional tax – but is it really? As it turns out, not every business can use AIM and then a whole lot of other business don’t want to. Why is this? As TaxBuddy [...]

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Provisional tax – your questions answered

Most small businesses have to pay Provisional Tax. Provisional tax is income tax that you pay in advance to help you spread the load and avoid a large end of year tax bill. This sounds like a great concept, and it is in a way, however many businesses – especially small ones- get tangled [...]

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Ten Tax Essentials for Small Businesses – for a smoother tax year

Do you have your own business? And are very busy running it? Do you know you should get on top of tax for your business, but it’s one of those topics that you feel resistance to or think it will take up too much time? Here are your ten tax essentials to understand and have [...]

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Claiming expenses when your home is your office

More and more of us are now choosing to work for ourselves and use our home as our office. We are loving the work life balance, the flexibility to spend time with family and young ones and still earning an income. Working from home still incurs costs like using internet for your business emails, using [...]

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15th of Jan is almost here. Got your provisional tax sorted?

15 of January - time to pay your provisional tax. You may have been procrastinating, or you may still be waiting for your accountant. You may not even know whether you have to pay or not. Or you may have forgotten about it completely. Whatever the reason.... let's kick off the new year organised and [...]

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Why innovation is your key to success

With 50% of jobs expected to become obsolete within the next 15 years, innovation is a skill that will keep you relevant. In brief Innovative thinking requires an individual approach and can be incorporated every day Innovation sparks from curiosity, creativity, experimentation and stepping out of your comfort zone Discover which skills you need to [...]

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Changing technology the biggest challenge to the accounting profession

Xero CEO Rod Drury recently told a few thousand people at Xerocon that the accounting industry is at an inflection point. As Seth Fineberg, AccountingWeb Editor found out in the videos below, technologists and accountants agree that the biggest challenge to the industry is the vast technological change coming from cloud technology, machine learning, data [...]

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Warren Buffett thinks every entrepreneur needs to do this

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner, Warren Buffett wants you to do something tomorrow morning. "Tomorrow morning, when you look in the mirror after you've gotten up, just write — put it in lipstick or whatever you want on the mirror — just put 'delight my customer,'" Buffett said at Goldman Sachs' [...]

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Days of never having to deal with IRD may be drawing to a close

Consultations are expected to kick off in the next few days on a big shake-up to the personal tax system. Inland Revenue suggested in 2015 introducing a new requirement for all Kiwis to check and confirm an online statement once a year, to ensure they did not have income that had missed the taxman. [...]

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