TaxBuddy and Tax Pooling Solutions are partnering.

As together we are better.

Together we make Provisional Tax as easy as 1-2-3.

Both TaxBuddy and Tax Pooling Solutions (TPS) want to make provisional tax easier and better for business owners.

  • Tax Pooling Solutions helps to reduce your exposure to UOMI and increase your return on over payments.
  • TaxBuddy helps to get the amount you put in to your tax pooling account as accurate as possible in the first place.

Use TaxBuddy before using Tax Pooling Solutions

How TaxBuddy and TPS work together

  1. TaxBuddy works out how much you tax you need to put aside each month – this amount is the most accurate you can possible get.
  2. As each of your tax payments fall due, you pay them into a bank account owned and operated by Public Trust. Your funds will be automatically transferred into the TPS’ tax pooling account at the Inland Revenue where they will be held on trust for you.
  3. To ensure that your tax payment receives the effective date for your provisional tax installment, you can either pay your tax deposit one working day before the installment due date or pay as a same day cleared payment on the provisional tax due date.

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